About Smita Bharti

Smita Bharti is the Creative Associate of NainaKapurLaw

Given the cross-discipline and creative approach of NainaKapurLaw, Smita brings a wealth of creativity and skill into the education and training we offer. Ranging from Equality, Gender, Peace and Conflict Resolution to Leadership issue, Smita draws upon her vast experience as an actor, film-maker, teacher, playwright, director and management consultant in providing such services.   As a knowledge partner to Corporate organisations she brings a programmatic approach to Leadership and Emotional Competency Development through Corporate Theatre. She has delivered creative education to a cross-section of audience pan India and within the South-East Asia Region. By engaging people in the art of storytelling and role playing, Smita facilitates each person to arrive at experiential learning accompanied by practical action points for benefit of organisations from the public, private and social sectors.

Smita’s experience in building the capacities of judges, community leaders, and workplace leadership in gender equality and non-discrimination issues have enabled her as an expert in developing the individual skills and capacities of workplace Sexual Harassment Complaint Committees so as to enable them to arrive at fair and equal decision-making. She is a well established trainer for Prevention of Workplace Sexual harassment and has acted as a third party presence on several complaints committees across diverse workplace industry including, aviation, hotels, business process outsourcing, financial groups,  product oriented industries and more.

Smita possesses recognised certification in the following areas: Conflict Management (Kurve Institute, Wustrow Germany); psychometric assessment (Psytech UK); Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation (INTRAC Oxford UK); Trainer of Trainers for Market Access for SMEs (tradecraft, UK) and is a Rotary World Peace Fellow

Smita  has been the Executive Director of Sakshi (Ngo) which has carried out pioneering work in the area of Equality Education for diverse sectors.

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