Additional Services


Need a Legal Opinion, Review Or Legal Documentation?

In addition to the specialised services we offer, if you have created your own legal documents or have a contract, or other legal document that you are considering entering into and would like a lawyer’s opinion before you sign on the dotted line, Legal Document Review is for you. We will provide you with a plain English interpretation of the legal document; let you know what’s missing and what to watch out for.

Preventive law, well executed, can minimize the risk of litigation. That makes us specially skilled in legal documentation work- from negotiating, contract-drafting, opinion work to mediating/ resolving in-house conflicts. Even if you’re not sure what kind of contract or legal document you need, simply let us know and we will create a customised contract or document to meet your needs.

Gender Audits

The key to preventive law practices is to ensure gender equality compliance at the outset.  Our gender audits are designed to identify critical gaps and challenges within systems towards equality compliance, recommend ways of addressing them and document good practices.

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